knowing how to create together  

We are four Nature Interpretative & Hiking Guides, four passionate hearts, four friends who create and will guide you on journeys, territories, beauty and diversity.

We will make them live, participate, remember.

Different roots, sensibilities, homelands with common goals, passions and thoughts.

We believe that diversity is wealth, this diversity has brought us together.

We met around a table in an old mill, our refuge on the Apennines, a magical place, excellent for building connections, to tell stories.

We love the elements, we like walking everywhere, the territory is our white canvas, our walking will draw shapes, our steps will build paths, our smiles will fill them with colors.

Federico Chiodaroli


“The first form of pollution, from which all the consequences derive, is the one we carry inside our soul”

cit. Walter Bonatti


“I am convinced that the exchange with people, nature and travel are just some of the greatest assets of being a Tour Leader and Nature Interpretive Guide.”


“If hiking favors the landscape and local traditions discovery on a slow pace , the bicycle allows you to cover greater distances spot new itineraries and giving an adventure feeling”


“After years of passionate commitment in the world of fair trade, I decided to walk again, as I believe that the path will enter you viscerally and cleans you completely.”

What are you waiting for?

Come walk with us