Laurenzia Pellegrini

I am Laurenzia, a world lover and a photography enthusiast and the international exchange between various cultures.

I was born in Garda Lake area and I grew up in Madonna di Campiglio, Parma and Sirmione; I have practised different sportive activities related to the place where I have lived (swimming, skiing, trekking, volleyball) and I have had the fortune to experience various natural environments which have built my character and have led me to discover the fertile Po valley of Emilia Romagna Region, the beautiful surrounding Apennines, the astonishing views of Garda Lake from the nearby mountains and shores, and the spectacular Brenta Dolomites .

Meanwhile, I was used to travelling around Italy, Europe and overseas, thanks to my passion for travelling and my university studies in foreign languages (English and French).

I have been working in the hospitality sector, hotel management, for several years, in contact with travelers who come from all over the world. Being fond of the tourist industry, I decided to become Tour Leader & Nature and Hiking Guide in order to broaden my horizons.

I like offering panoramic excursions centred on the discovery of local culture and traditions, well-finished and authentic itineraries, considering also “classic” destinations, which are magical out of season, in my opinion.

In particular, you will find me hiking in Garda Lake’s beautiful surroundings, but anyway travelling to various destinations as tour leader.

I am at your disposal to guide and accompany you during your journeys and trips, in order to show you how to experience unknown territories in all their beauty, to walk in contact with nature and to look at it with new eyes, rediscovering your essential, which you will bring physically in your backpack and in a subjective way in your thoughts. Sure that, as D.Le Breton writes, slowness allows us to live up to the rhythm of the world, it immerses ourselves in the heart of environment, it elevates details of our path to the height of senses”,I say to you and also to first-time trekkers that “dawn, rain, hills, mountains, stones, ground remind us our essential humanity, dived in a world that goes beyond us, every time we are exposed to the winds of the world”.