Enrico Buttignon

I was born in the Dolomites, the land of the famous writer Dino Buzzati, close to the actual National Park and I lived the first two years in the high valley of Comelico, on the border with Austria.

My first “around” has given a strong imprinting in building my character, my desires, the horizon towards which to walk.I started walking in the woods and along trails shortly after taking my first steps thanks to passionate parents who first addressed and then feed this tension. And from that moment on I never stopped climbing up and down, tracks and high-paths, peaks and coastal roads on foot and with ski or snowshoes in winter time.  As a boy I walked many times with my scout friends, and then later traveled miles in solitary environments with my fellow Goumier.

The Goum experience has definetely marked the evolution of my concept of Walking. Over the years my steps have turned into a full, present, conscious going. The competitive tension that led me to the main Dolomite peaks has been remodeled by my life choiches. Bioenergetics sessions, elements of kinesiology and meditation,  I dare say decisive readings (one in all the Diary of Etty Hillesum) have enriched my days; meeting with new people have shaped me.

Passionate explorer of places as well as situations and people, lover of Crete, Sardinia, Basilicata, Balkans, of my Dolomites of course and since a few years fascinated by the culture of the high Cimbrian lands of Lessinia

In this wonderful mature age, after years of true commitment with Fair Trade, I decided to walk my Life, because I believe that frequent walking became part of your body and cleans you completely.

It is time to make available my experience and my passion, it is time to value our talents