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Last summer I went to find Annetta, a dear Sicilian friend who lives in the hilly areas of lower Piedmont, little known, little frequented and therefore even more interesting.

Annetta has for some time been telling me about splendid walks through broad-leaved woods, long baths at the stream and fantastic evenings at the lodge by the river. The seed of exploration lodged in me quiet but never domus, it tickled my desire to go, walk and bathe in torrent waters.

And so one day I gave up everything and took three days of freedom to be with her and see this notorious “Capanne di Marcarolo” Natural Park.

I decided not to surf the internet, I wanted the surprise, I wanted to look, feel, touch, with my eyes, hands and mouth.

In the evening it rains, but the forecasts for the morning are good and after an evening of chat and amarcord I am leaving; the air is warm but not sultry, the sky is clear, crystal clear, everything seems to help live a great day.

The almost hidden path that starts alongside the road, the plants still wet, the wet grass that shines, the incipit is promising.
It descends slowly towards the stream and suddenly down between branches that open and leave room for a wider view here is a patch of cobalt blue between burnt red ophiolitic rocks … I’m out of breath!
And then down to the river the show continues, puddles, jumps, red and black rocks, coniferous and broad-leaved trees together, Mediterranean scrub and chestnuts that speak and the wolf-shaped rock that looks at us
“A wonder in our eyes” … a real enchantment!

So the next day accompanied by a friend guide, Paola, I choose a path that climbs up among centuries-old chestnut trees and plants of colonizing rowans, I contemplate the valley below from the top of Mount Tobbio, the Gorzente at the bottom and down again further down Liguria and then … the dream: hot and a little tired here is a small stream lake with transparent and placid waters, we dive and it’s immediately Beauty.

That’s why I want to take you to the “Capanne di Marcarolo” Park to which I add a Sunday of mystery with a walk and a visit to the “Castello della Pietra”.
Those who will host us live in symbiosis with what I have briefly and enthusiastically described to you: we will be beautifully hosted by the “Pian della Castagna” farmhouse which presents itself here!


  • Backpack
  • Water bottle / bottle with at least 1.5 l of water each
  • Vibram type shoes with sculpted sole
  • Comfortable pants for walking
  • Replacement shirt
  • Waterproof windproof jacket
  • Hat or scarf
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscreen

DAY 01:
Arrival at Pian della Castagna farmhouse after dinner and mutual knowledge
(possibility to have dinner in a farmhouse on request during registration)

DAY 02:
A conscious walk along the Gorzente – Relax – Guided tasting at the LA RAIA winery or at the CASCINA DEGLI ULIVI winery
LENGTH – 11km
TIME – 7 h including stops
DIFFICULTY- Hiking – no technical difficulties

DAY 03:
Walk to the peaks of Monte Tobbio – Relax by the river – Guided tasting at the Baita Gorzente of the “PiemonteMare” winery
LENGTH – 13km
TIME – 8h including stops
DIFFICULTY- Hiking – no technical difficulties

DAY 04:
Castellan Trekking – Visit to the “Castello della Pietra” – Return home
LENGTH – 8km
TIME – 6h including stops
DIFFICULTY- Hiking – no technical difficulties

After dinner at:
“Pian della Castagna” farmhouse
Località Pian della Castagna 1
15060 Bosio (ALESSANDRIA)
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Price includes: Trekking guided by Nature Interpretive Guide
Price does not includes: Anything not mentioned under “Price includes”.

On site expences:
145€ half board (3dd) – starting from Thursday evening after dinner
120€ half board (2dd) – for those arriving on Friday morning by 9.30

Travel lead by:

Nature Interpretive & Hiking Guides

Official Authorisation Region
Emilia Romagna (L.R. 4/2000 )
Accompaniment according to L.N.4/2013


+39 348 49 56 176


Mandatory booking within: h. 18:00 CET 22/04/2020
(while seats last)

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